Stanford University: “The Harvard of the West”

Duke University: “The Harvard of the South”

University of Miami: “The Harvard of South Florida”

Ball State University: “The Harvard of Muncie, Indiana”

DeVry University: “The Harvard of Technical Schools”

University of Phoenix: “The Harvard of Online Universities”

Harvard Medical School: “The Harvard of Medical Schools”

The Library of Congress: “The Harvard of Libraries”

The Chili Cheese Dog: “The Harvard of Frankfurters”

Lexus: “The Harvard of Japanese Luxury Automobile Manufacturers”

The Ones With Feet: “The Harvard of Jammers”

Mayonnaise: “The Harvard of Condiments”

Bridget Jones’s Diary: “The Harvard of Chick Flicks” “The Harvard of Dating Websites”

Pigs In Blankets and Swedish Meatballs: “The Harvard of Tray-Passed Hors d’Oeuvres” (tie)

Outback Steakhouse: “The Harvard of Affordable National Steakhouse Chains”

Radio Shack: “The Harvard of Low-Priced, Semi-Disposable Electronics and Accessories Stores”

Harvard Global Logistics Ltd.: “The Harvard of Global Logistics Companies”