The Utilities Are Too Damn Expensive Party

The Cost Of Foodstuffs Is Too Damn Growing Party

The Medical Insurance Form Is Too Damn Confusing Party

The Lottery Is Too Damn Impossible-To-Win Party

The Form Of Public Transportation I Must Take Every Day To My Job Is Too Damn Unreliable Party

The Struggles Of Urban Living In General Are Too Damn Many Party

The Life Is Too Damn Complicated Party

The Future Is Too Damn Bleak Party

The Tax Dollars Being Funneled Into Public Education Are Too Damn Few Party

The Children Are Too Damn Obese Party

The Middle Class Is Too Damn Disappearing Party

The War Is Too Damn Protracted Party

The Deficit Spending Is Too Damn Out-Of-Control Party

The Unemployment Rate Is Too Damn Unacceptable Party

The Current Economic Landscape Is Too Damn Unsustainable Party

The Bipartisanship In Washington Is Too Damn Paralyzing Party

The Globe Is Too Damn Warm Party

The Chinese GDP Growth Is Too Damn Alarming Party

The New York Yankees’ Payroll Is Too Damn Goddamn Fucking High Party