According to published reports, singer Linda Ronstadt started a “riot” during her concert at the Aladdin hotel-casino in Las Vegas after praising Michael Moore and his new film, Fahrenheit 9/11. People booed, tore down concert posters, and tossed cocktails. “It was a very ugly scene,” the Aladdin president told the Associated Press.

Jerry Garcia—Winterland, San Francisco, CA, August 1970

“You know, man, I really think we need to give Nixon a break. We’ve got to fight the communist menace in South Asia, man.”

Ani DiFranco—Avalon Ballroom, Chicago, IL,
February 1998

“I just want to let you all know that the Gillette Mach 3 razor delivers a really smooth, nick-free shave.”

Duane Allen, lead singer, Oak Ridge Boys—Charlie Pride Theater, Branson, MO, September 2000

“We’re going to raise the house lights and I’d like you all to look around for a minute … this place is really cheesy, don’t you think? I mean, seriously, can’t you people afford to go to Vegas?”

Bruce Springsteen, with his E Street Band—Madison Square Garden, April 1984

“So maybe Reagan—yeah, thanks, sir, I hear ya, woo hoo!—maybe Reagan’s been right, all right?, that homeless people are homeless by choice. Poor people too. And the unemployed! Why can’t they work at McDonald’s? Yeah, now let’s go! Hun Two Hee Foh!”

NWA—the Forum, 1991

“Cool, yeah. We’re here to counsel patience. Those videos, we just don’t know, and Rodney might be in the wrong. We just don’t know yet. Besides, like we always say, make love to the police.”