“The explosion of digital material in the past twenty-five years poses a particular challenge to the guardians of literary remains…Who would have suspected, for example, that Sontag sent e-mails with the subject heading ‘Whassup?’” —The New Yorker

- - -

1. “heyyy!!!”

2. “my NYRB piece icymi”

3. “Exsqueeze me?”

4. “trying to get rid of 2 strokes tix radio city—best offer”

5. “NYRBQ (nobody will get this joke)”

6. “sup homeslice”

7. “mama said knock you out”

8. “Anyone have a gmail invite?”

9. “FTW!!”

10. “Found that Sebald passage—lmfao”

11. “mama said knock you out—she said knock you OUT”

12. “yo”

13. “Meet you at theater 2:45—lincoln sq NOT lincoln plaza”

14. “Machado de Assis (NSFW)”

15. “Notes on campgrounds in the tristate area”