Fall is almost upon us. And you know what they say about Fall: it’s a time for contests—specifically, contests of the Twitter and Instagram variety. Changing leaves, hot chocolate, and Mom and Pop and the kids all busily tweeting and posting cool pics around the kitchen table. It’s a tableau that would make Norman Rockwell weep into his oatmeal.

You see, today is the day that How Music Works by David Byrne becomes available in paperback. The very same How Music Works that was described as “fascinating” by Booklist, “extraordinary” by the Guardian, and “brilliantly original” by the New York Times Book Review. If you must read more praise for this book (there is a lot—go nuts!) you can easily do so by clicking here. Not only is the paperback beautiful and easy to carry, it has been revised and updated with over thirty new pages, because paper covers, like second chances, are magical. All this for only $20! And if you win our contest that price will be $0. That’s right: winners will get a copy of the brand spanking new paperback edition of How Music Works by David Byrne for free.

How do you enter? In the coming weeks we will be wheatpasting this poster in New York:

See it in the wild, and tweet a picture or post it to Instagram with the hashtag #howmusicworkspb, and you will be automatically entered to win a copy of How Music Works. But wait, you say, I do not live in New York, nor do I have plans to visit that fair city in the near future, or perhaps ever. That’s fine. Perfect, really. Print out this poster and take a picture of it taped to your local police station. Or a telephone pole. Or your dog. Well, maybe just hold it up in front of your dog. We do not want to encourage taping animals. Then proceed as directed above. You too will now be eligible to win a paperback copy of How Music Works.