1. “Deserves zero stars.”

2. “It is strong (I broke the old one.)”

3. “Not as easy to use as I was hoping but it does work.”

4. “Clumsy. Not worth it.”

5. “Most people I talk to don’t seem to have so much trouble with them.”

6. “This is not at all what I expected. It’s even worse than I thought it would be.”

7. “I’m moving on to another model.”

8. “I gave one to my elderly aunt and she just loves this thing.”

9. “Worse than useless — unless you need a pooper-scooper for your dog. It does do that fairly well.”

10. “Awkward, uncomfortable, dangerous.”

11. “A true POS, I returned it immediately.”

12. “This one did nothing but cut me.”

13. “I have had one for years and love it.”

14. “Not what I ordered, not what I wanted.”

15. “Maybe it’s just me but I cannot get this to work well.”

16. “Don’t wait for a strong friend to help get into your jar of pickles, just get one of these.”

17. “Was so excited when I saw the video. Don’t be deceived, it is nearly impossible to use!”

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