All alcoholic beverages, including wine and beer

Any issue of a publication that contains an advertisement primarily directed to a Canadian

Articles so marked as to create the false impression that they were made in Canada, Great Britain or any other British Country

Reproductions of Canadian postage stamps, unless printed in publications in black-and-white only and with a defacing line drawn across each reproduction

Butane gas lighters and refill cartridges


Oleo, margarine, and other butter substitutes

Flammable items

Precious stones valued over $5 U.S.

Cigarette holders valued over $5 U.S.

Powder cases valued over $5 U.S.

Card cases valued over $5 U.S.

Opera glasses valued over $5 U.S.

Fountain pens valued over $5 U.S.

Watches valued over $5 U.S.

Perishable infectious biological substances

Perishable noninfectious biological substances

Plumage and skins of wild birds

Prison-made goods

Radioactive materials

Smoke-making devices for motor vehicles and boats

Used or second-hand hives or bee supplies