These are the perks for the Patreon account I will have to create when I lose my insurance due to my pre-existing condition, MS:

Good Luck With That ($1 or more a month)

  • A personalized thank you email.

Oof! Tough Break, Bud ($5 or more a month)

  • All lower tier rewards.
  • I’ll say your name inside the MRI machine, which will send your name through my brain out into the world via great big magnets.

Man, Just Like That It’s Gone? ($50 or more a month)

  • All lower tier rewards.
  • A signed copy of an MRI image. You want to see what my brain looks like? This is the tier for you!
  • A Skype call where I do my best to try and explain what you are looking at in the MRI image.

I Mean, Isn’t There Something You Can Do? ($100 or more a month)

  • All lower tier rewards.
  • Access to my blood work reports. You’ll know how low my white blood cell count dips from my medication AND how my Vitamin D is doing.
  • A dramatic reenactment of the moment I found out I had MS.

But Isn’t the Reason for Health Insurance to Help With the Costs of Conditions Like MS? ($500 or more a month)

  • All lower tier rewards.
  • Submit a question for me to ask my neurologist. If it’s not related to MS, I’ll let you know how angry he gets at me for wasting his time.
  • Have a band or some other musical endeavor you’d like to promote? Send me a link to the audio and I will have it playing in the MRI machine while I’m in it. I will also give you my honest feedback of what I’m able to hear in between the loud, scary noises!

So What Do You Do? Just Like, Get Paralyzed Or Something Because You Can’t Get Treatment? ($1,000 or more month)

  • All lower tier rewards.
  • Join me in my neurologist’s office as he goes over how I’m progressing.

Look I Don’t Want to Get Political, But… ($5,000 or more a month) LIMITED TO 2… Hopefully

  • All lower tier rewards.
  • Exclusive rights to name any new lesion on my brain or spine.