“’The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ provides an answer on who’s paying the Avengers, and the answer is: no one… Basically, the superpowered people tasked with defending the Earth have a GoFundMe, and even that GoFundMe isn’t pulling in enough money for Sam to buy a boat to keep his family’s business afloat.” — Collider, 3/20/21

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Created April 30, 2015
Hi, my name is Sam Wilson. I’m a US Air Force veteran and I recently left my job at the VA to become an Avenger. My new gig at Stark Industries doesn’t come with a salary or benefits, which they forgot to mention during recruitment. We are now told it “pays in goodwill.” My boss, a billionaire, doesn’t provide health insurance because I’m considered an independent contractor. Unlike my co-workers, I do not have a safety net. Thor benefits from both generational wealth and god privilege. Bruce has seven PhDs, an MD, and no student loan debt, so there has to be a rich uncle in the mix. Captain America is covered because his age qualifies him for Medicare.

I hate having to ask, but anything you can spare will help me stay afloat and keep on Avengin’!


May 1, 2015
Great news! After we defeated Ultron (created by Tony himself, but he posted a Notes app apology so it’s all good), Stark Industries is providing temporary room and board! My housemates are a witch and a robot, but we’re getting along just fine. Please divert any funds to the Sokovian Organization Resettling Refugee Youth (SORRY).

May 6, 2016
Hey guys, tough break here — Captain America and Iron Man aren’t on speaking terms, and my department at Stark Industries was dissolved :/ There was no severance policy in place, and HR is a Roomba with a British accent.

Good thing the family business is still thriving in Louisiana!

April 23, 2018
Cap and Tony patched things up, which means I got my job back! Tough look for my guy Mr. Stark, though: this kid from Queens who just started working with us is being referred to as ‘the unpaid intern,’ which it turns out is exactly what I’ve been this whole time.

October 17, 2023
I apologize for the lack of recent updates; I was unexpectedly unavailable for five years. No WiFi in the Blip, LOL! Those of us who just got back could use some help right now. The gap in my résumé has made the job hunt tough. All of my credit cards expired, they don’t even make chargers for my phone anymore, and I’ve been eating meals off a vibranium shield.

Any funds raised will also benefit my best friend’s other best friend (you may know him as Bucky Barnes, formerly known as The Winter Soldier), who is currently paying out-of-pocket for therapy, and lots of it. He’s glad to have his mind back after spending decades brainwashed, but the biggest adjustment for him has been navigating medical expenses. Even HYDRA had healthcare!

On a somber note, we’re all sad Tony’s gone, despite him denying his employees a basic living wage.

March 19, 2024
Wow, this blew up! Thank you for your support! We were lucky to be signal-boosted on Disney+, and I can now save my family business, get a collar for my pet drone, and sue Pepper Potts for backpay.

Bucky is doing well. He even got his own place. He is now saving up for a bed frame.

Since we’ve gone above and beyond our goal, I’ll be closing this page. I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my new nonprofit benefiting freelancers in the paramilitary industry, Promoting Advancement for Young Unionizing Superheroes (PAY US).