Location: Denver, Colorado
Description: In front of a marbled rock face in afternoon shadow.
Poverty Rate: 16.4%

Location: Miami, Florida
Description: On a surfboard placed on the wet sand at sunset.
Poverty Rate: 19.9%

Location: Mumbai, India
Description: Under the stone arch of the Gateway of India.
Poverty Rate: 20%

Location: Los Angeles, California
Description: In front of the Venice Beach Boardwalk palm trees and sea.
Poverty Rate: 21.5%

Location: Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
Description: In front of a beach resort high-rise on the shores of the Black Sea.
Poverty Rate: >20%

Location: Gili Trawangan Lombok, Indonesia
Description: Early morning, on the end of a wooden dock extending onto cerulean waters.
Poverty Rate: 23%

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Description: In front of the art deco statue Christ the Redeemer.
Poverty Rate: <25%

Location: Savannah, Georgia
Description: On a covered patio in front of a pine forest at sunset.
Poverty Rate: 25.4%

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Description: On the porch of an AirBnB in the French Quarter.
Poverty Rate: 26.2%

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia
Description: In a half-pipe covered in graffiti at X Bar.
Poverty Rate: 30%

Location: Bronx, New York
Description: In front of a graffiti mural outside of the New York Botanical Garden.
Poverty Rate: 30.5%

Location: Bali, Indonesia
Description: At the edge of an infinity pool at The Mulia, an all-inclusive resort.
Poverty Rate: >35%

Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Description: On the Atlantic City Boardwalk under the shine of the string lights.
Poverty Rate: 36.6%

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All United States numbers taken from United States Census American Fact Finder.