Voldemort, President Snow, Emperor Sandeth, and now Donald Trump. With the world going so crazy, it’s hard to believe that we’re even living in the real world anymore. Trump is breaking down every norm of decency that we had come to respect from the Oval Office, and every week some new hero arises for Democrats to rally behind in the hopes that they’ll be able to stop his oppressive regime. It really is something you would come to expect from the plot of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, or maybe even my own unpublished young adult series, The Fire Spear Chronicles.

The parallels are obvious to anyone even remotely aware of pop culture. Donald Trump is clearly a President Snow figure, with his boorish intimidation techniques. Or take Salley Yates, an intelligent woman who is too clever for the men around her. Sound Familiar? She is obviously the Hermione of our tale. Then there’s, James Comey, with his tall frame and stone faced expression, he could not be a more clear representation of Gilgamar. The stone golem and protector of a young boy who is actually the reincarnation of the Three Rivers King. Well, at least it would be a clear representation if a publisher realized the gold mine waiting for them if they published my work for young adults the world over to enjoy!

Honestly, I don’t think JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins, and myself could have written better metaphors for this political climate if we tried.

I will say, seeing so many young people taking the lessons from these stories and applying them to their lives has been incredible to witness. From organizing marches, getting people registered to vote, and championing progressive causes, these political millennials are a regular Dumbledore’s Army, Second Rebellion, or Lantern Lighter League, the secret society of young people that illuminate the path to enlightenment during the Second Dark Era.

When you think about it, it’s kind of like that quote from Alincia, the warrior nymph of the mountain who would undoubtedly be an icon to young girls 13-26. “Tem egok hto wonyo unx mpanvo in, U ypoun noyr quounj u nouh yeppuk“, or, translated into man’s tongue, “When the old fight wars they seek victory everywhere and never find it, but when the young seek peace, they come upon it everywhere”.

Powerful stuff, right?

So call your senators, organize a march, and make the world a better place like your childhood heroes would have wanted. Then, when you have the time, sit down with that unread manuscript that’s been laying around in your literary office and get to know a new, lovable band of teen heroes fighting to stop an oppressive regime. Draw strength from their beautiful displays of loyalty, friendship, and youthful sensuality that’s titillating for teenagers but not too scandalous for their parents. Find yourself getting lost in a magical fantasy world that would make a billion dollars at the box office if turned into a franchise by director Guillermo Del Toro.

After all, isn’t it about time we all fought for what’s right, and maybe, just maybe, read a different book for once?