Interlocking Prairies
Extended Cab Entry
The Soybean Embrace
The Guileless Railsplitter
Leaning Applebee’s
The No-Accent Clasp
The Receiving of the Corn Subsidy
Mississippi Floodplaining
The Wandering Tractor
Friendly Lotus
The Airbrushing of the Sweatshirt
Seated Family Values
The Horseshoe Sandwich
The Sensible Haircut
Transverse Carhartt
Position of the Wife of Stephen Douglas
The Earnest Detasseler
The Picturesque Jumpshot
The Manmade Lake
Seed Corn Surprise
The Walking of Beans
Unironic Flannel
The Humble Fairgoer
The 10:30 Letterman
Excess Ketchup
Two Weeks of Spring
The Running Off of Nitrates
The Rotating of the County Seat
Unbridled Lincoln
The Standing Corndog
The Persisting of the Hairspray
Congress of a Cow Chip
The Bending Steak ’n Shake
The Honest Embroiderer
The Plainspoken Sharecropper
The No-Till Planter
Inverted Dairy Queen