The Standard

“I know I speak from a really comfortable position, but…”

The Tired Metaphorical

“I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, that’s something I readily admit, but…”

The Candid Philanthropic

“I know I have a fuck-load of money, but it gives me so much pleasure to be able to spend it on…”

The Feudal Metaphorical

“Most of my time is spent in an ivory tower, so when I get out I can see even more clearly that…”

The Spatially Aware

“From my penthouse’s balcony, I literally have a bird’s-eye view of economic disparity on the street below, so…”

The Humble Oxymoron

“Although I’m not actually entitled to have this opinion, I think that…”

The Appeal to Working-Class Heritage

“My mother had a very poor upbringing, so…”

The Conscientious Jet-Setter

“I regularly look out of the window of the taxi between the airport and the five-star resort in… and that has given me a way more holistic understanding about…”

The Outgoing Boarding-School Student

“I once did charity work in Africa, so I really understand…”

The Religious Affirmation

“God gave me all this, but that doesn’t stop me from sympathizing with…”

The Super-Ego in Denial

“Although I may have wealthy parents, due to the number of emotional strings attached to it, I totally relate to…”

The Everyman’s Boat-Owner

“I own a yacht, yes, but many Indonesian fishermen own fishing boats, so we both own boats, so I have that in common with them…”