Dear President Bannon,

Congratulations on a great job. I will fight for you with every breath in my body and I will never ever let you down.

We have the most incompetently worked Presidency, one of the great disasters. It’s way, way behind schedule and many, many billions of dollars over budget. I don’t like that.

The National Security Council will decide whether or not we have a border and, hence, a country. Steve Bannon is the concept that we have to have in charge. And I will say, if the election didn’t turn out the way it turned out, they would not be here. They would not be in my office.

We need a good disaster. It’s proven to be, and it should be brought to the state level. The government can lead it, but it should be privately done. The problem that we have in our country is we don’t have competition. Not even talking about drugs, I’m talking about other things. Radical Islam is anti-woman, anti-gay and anti-American. That’s tough stuff, I will tell you. President Bannon will, right now, horribly abuse women and LGBT citizens, and Arizona knows better than most exactly what I’m talking about.

The new American families are going to be destroyed in many cases because they’re hooked. Americans who have no political power, live a sequestered life behind gates and walls and guards. There always has to be some, you know, tug and pull and deal. What they’re going through is incredible, and there’s just no reason for it. Let’s give them a really tremendous hand.

All of us need to be reminded that the Federal Government did not create his support; we will build news a lot and we will bring back our wealth. Really big league. These are amazing people.

Pull the strings,

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