Donald J. Trump, a son of the late Fred and Mary Trump, and Michael “Mike” Pence, a son of of Edward and Nancy Pence, were married July 19 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Reverend Sean Hannity performed the ceremony.

Mr. Trump, 70, is a reality television personality. He previously managed a failed airline, a failed for-profit education company, a failed professional football team, and a failed brand of steaks. He was recently nominated by the Republican Party as its presidential candidate. Mr. Trump graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, and received an Honorary Doctor of Business from Liberty University, which teaches young Earth creationism as an explanation for the appearance of life on Earth.

Mr. Pence is the governor of Indiana.

The couple met during the Republican presidential primaries. “I wasn’t sure at first if he was the right one for me,” Mr. Pence explained. “He gave off an orange glow and had very small hands. His calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. struck me as offensive and unconstitutional. But he won me over with his denigration of women and Mexicans.”

Mr. Trump stated that he felt the same attraction. “I’m a huge Mike Penz fan!!” he tweeted.

The romance blossomed after Mr. Pence said that he found himself constantly following Mr. Trump on Twitter. “I tried conversion therapy, but I couldn’t get him out of my mind!” said Mr. Pence. Mr. Pence realized he was ready for a deeper commitment after Mr. Trump accused an American judge of being biased against him because of the judge’s ethnicity.

Two of Mr. Trump’s previous marriages ended in divorce. Mr. Pence has not yet decided whether he will be keeping his name or his position in favor of the Trans Pacific Partnership.