Many of the file cabinets have files in them. Is this something you would handle?

I don’t think my tape dispenser is in the same spot I left it last night. Please investigate.

A lot of times when I mean to hit the e key I hit the d key instdad.

There are some paperclips on the floor near my desk. Can you take care of that?

The printer has been hand writing everything all morning. Please advise.

Everything in my wastebasket will probably get thrown out. Okay with you? Check home office?

It’s so hot. Can you get the air conditioning turned up?

I like the foul copy on the right and the new copy on the left. Do you handle that?

Nancy keeps bothering you with stuff. Do you take care of handling pesky employees?

All doors on the floor have been opening when people turn knobs and push. Alert you or home office?