Put an “X” in the box if you have done it,
then copy and paste it to your timeline.

- - -

(X) Did that.

(X) Did that. Did it a couple of times.

(X) Did that. But it was legal then.

(X) Did that. Wouldn’t do it again.

(X) Did that. But no pics, so I didn’t actually do it.

(X) Did that. I’m secretly pleased.

(X) Did that. I am now the object lesson of that.

(X) Didn’t do that. Feel okay about it now.

(X) Didn’t do that. Working on feeling okay about it now.

(X) Didn’t do that. But can’t take the credit. I was stopped.

(X) Didn’t do that. People think I did, though.

(X) Didn’t do that. Who would do that?

(X) Couldn’t do that. Broke my leg trying.

(X) Couldn’t do that. Or maybe I could have, but I feel okay about it now.

(X) Couldn’t do that. Even I have God-given limits.

(X) Couldn’t do that. Afterwards, dreamt that I could.

(X) Won’t do that. Don’t get paid enough.

(X) Won’t do that. Seemed like a good idea before I had a kid.

(X) Won’t do that. It would leave me feeling empty in the end.

(X) Won’t do that. I had a friend who did that once and it wasn’t pretty.

(X) Am planning on doing that. But if it doesn’t happen, que sera.