Men’s Downhill Consider A Career Change But Decide Against It Because You Have Job Security

Heavily favored Russian Yuri Sagmatov was disqualified early when he elected to quit his job as a computer systems administrator and go back to school for an MFA in literature. Analysts predict that Sagmatov will return to systems administration, likely in an entry-level position, after two or three lackluster semesters at a low-level accredited university in the Midwest. Sagmatov left the field wide open, and American defending purple medalist Jason McGarrity swooped in to capture gold in the event when he considered leaving his mid-level management position at Midland Bank to open a fly-fishing shop, only to realize that with his heart condition and pre-diabetes, he couldn’t afford to give up his health insurance yet. And if there was any serious doubt about his medal chances, he wrapped it all up with a triple scotch on the rocks and a couple of new gray hairs. McGarrity has been an off-again-on-again alcoholic for the last twenty-seven years.

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Men’s Cross-Country Plan a Road Trip With Your Old College Buddies But Then Don’t Actually Ever Go On It

Flamboyant young Bermudan phenom Caden Saskatchewan jumped out to a commanding early lead, and was making plans to go all the way to Baja California by way of Albuquerque and Oklahoma City. But all season long, Saskatchewan has been plagued by questions about his youth and inexperience, and those criticisms were proven valid. Just a few years out of college, his friendships were still recent and important to him. His strength seemed to flag as the race went on, and by the end of it he and his fraternity brothers were actually packing up suitcases in Saskatchewan’s brother-in-law’s minivan. American veteran Donald O’Freeman was there to pick up the gauntlet, however, and made serious plans to do a tour of the East Coast before his old college roommate, Buddy Ankiel, backed out due to wedding anniversary-related conflicts, and the whole thing fell apart. O’Freeman set himself up perfectly, according to analysts, by planning a road trip that was just manageable enough that it seemed doable, but just expansive enough that all of his friends could easily find a good reason to not end up coming.

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Women’s Long-Distance Power Through Your Drowsiness and Pretend to Stay Interested In the People You’re Talking to So You Don’t Have to Leave the Party Early

This was Team USA’s only major disappointment in the games, with American favorite Triage Jansen bowing out midway through the race when she realized she had to be at work the next morning an hour earlier than she’d realized. But Gianna Severin pulled out a big win for the Canadians when she talked to a boring ex-co-worker from back in the day when she used to work for American Family Insurance for a marathon two and a half hours, sealing the deal and giving her a close victory over Great Britain’s Sarah Kavanaugh.

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Married Men’s Combined Adultery

The first half of the event, the Slalom Back and Forth Between Dating That Chick You Used to See in High School and Trying to Make It Work With Your Wife, was dominated by hometown hero Haines Fairworthy. Fairworthy went on a world record seventeen dates with his high school debate partner, Christine Supplement, successfully not calling her after each date, and was only caught by his wife twice. Incredibly for Haines, he was able to convince her to try and work it out both times. He didn’t have as much luck in the Downhill Make A Move On That Cute Secretary From Accounts Receivable, though, as China’s Wu Jen asked out That Cute Secretary a mere four hours after he first considered doing so, one of the fastest times ever recorded. Several other competitors also made it a challenge for Haines, who ended up with the fifth-fastest time at seven and a half hours, but he was so far ahead after the Slalom that he eked out the gold medal. Some commentators speculated that Fairworthy’s performance owes a lot to his hailing from right here in Bayonne, which has been the cradle for many legendary Existential Olympians over the years.