This shoreline town is an ideal place for a low-key divorce. What better way to spend the first alimony payment than in Nantucket’s fog and rolling moors? If you look closely, you can see the ghosts of better times playing in the distance, there and then gone, like the love your partner once felt for you. As darkness sets in, watch the lighthouses bring in the ships. No lighthouse can lead you home now.

Lake Placid

Searching for a little peace and tranquility in the face of treacherous uncertainty? Come to Lake Placid. Pretend everything is okay in a rustic lakeside lodge.


You will be able to engage in such activities as kayaking, snorkeling, and staring blankly into the night’s horizon amidst the sounds of drums and fire spinning. Are you even sad? You don’t know anymore. You have forgotten what it means to feel.

To quell the memories that resurface during daylight hours, drown your liver in tropical drinks.

Jackson Hole

The Grand Tetons await you here, like the final paperwork awaits your signature. Their peaks are too massive to be ignored. Pen your name and ascend their terrifying glory.

Los Cabos

Wander miles of white sand and listen to the Sea of Cortez crash into the Pacific, an argument that will rage on for ages. Thankfully, yours has finally ended.

Outer Banks

The name alone will make you feel as if you’ve gotten as far away from everything as possible. But really you are just in North Carolina. There is no real escape from your problems.

Bora Bora

Empty your savings and say your “I don’t anymores” on an island resort. Your future is in the past now. Why save for it?


Nothing is quite so dangerously gorgeous as the South Pole in June. Where did it all go wrong? Did you love too much? Gaze into the polar night with wonder at how something magnificent as the Aurora Australis can exist in such a wretched place, then turn away from the porthole window on your research vessel. Your expedition? To study the only climate colder than your heart.