“To the surprise of perhaps no one, speculation about a season two for HBO Max’s buzzy ‘Sex and the City’ revival, ‘And Just Like That…’, has begun.”
Glamour, 2/3/22

- - -

E01 – “Dumpster Fire”
Carrie gets #MeToo’d for sleeping with her sound engineer. Miranda gets a lesson in climate justice when she litters in Runyon Canyon. Charlotte misgenders her doorman.

E02 – “Alphabet Soup”
Carrie accidentally spills a smoothie on Ibram X. Kendi. Miranda embarrasses Che at a party when she doesn’t know what the “A” in LGBTQIA stands for. Charlotte brings the wrong nut milk to a PTA meeting.

E03 – “Diversity, Equity, and Exclusion”
Carrie asks her neurodivergent, pansexual Palestinian house cleaner to be her plus one to her book launch. Che cheats on Miranda with an undocumented Reiki healer they met at a farmers’ market. Charlotte is ostracized for getting a purebred puppy.

E04 – “Pass the Hot Sauce”
Carrie brings potato salad to a Black friend’s barbecue. Miranda returns to New York and finds Steve in bed with one of Anthony’s “Hot Fellas.” In search of a new community, Charlotte gets radicalized on YouTube.

E05 – “Vax to the Future”
Carrie wonders whether she spoke out enough during the ’90s AIDS epidemic. Miranda moves in with Brady and his new girlfriend, a trilingual, polyamorous BLM organizer. Charlotte becomes an anti-vax influencer.

E06 – “Joe Blow”
Carrie re-breaks her hip learning to TikTok. Struggling financially, Miranda gets into sex work. Charlotte and Harry host Joe Rogan for dinner.

E07 – “What You See Is What You Get”
Carrie hooks up with her orderly. The disability community comes for Miranda when she fails to adapt her sex videos for the visually impaired. Charlotte forbids Rock from joining Antifa.

E08 – “Fever Dream”
Carrie discovers she’s pregnant and realizes that what she thought was menopause was actually COVID. Miranda convinces Henry Kissinger to invest in her wireless vibrator for seniors. Charlotte sends anthrax to Anthony Fauci.

E09 – “All Clits Matter”
Carrie has trouble finding a BIPOC doula. Nya defends Miranda in a lawsuit claiming her vibrators burn off older women’s clitorises. Charlotte makes a Muslim friend in prison and changes her name to Charlotte X.

E10 – “Sunrise, Sunset”
Carrie goes into early labor at a sample sale. Miranda gets back together with Steve. Harry converts to Islam.