In every American city, long-time residents are being pushed out as wealthier newcomers fight for precious space. We need to stop the tidal wave of gentrification, and we need to make sure we stop it right after I, a young college-educated professional, move into this neighborhood.

Entire families are forced to leave their homes when gentrification raises rents. I saw so many people moving out of the building my mom and I toured. From that day on, I vowed to fight gentrification with every fiber of my being once I was firmly safe from the consequences of that fight.

The people who live here should have a say in what their community looks like. I’m going to live here now, so I’ll happily share my thoughts loudly, clearly, and also very loudly.

Do all these newcomers (the people who will move in after me) need to live in this neighborhood? Every day I bump into former college classmates on the street. I want to scream, We (the neighborhood I’m just about to move into) don’t want you here!

Gentrification is evident in the rapidly rising housing costs. I barely convinced my parents to pay my rent. Thankfully they could afford to subsidize my vague lifestyle, so now I can help fight against others trying to do the same.

The people moving here don’t respect the neighborhood traditions I learned about a week ago and have avoided ever since.

I’m tired of hard-working people having to leave their long-time homes, and I’m really tired of those people saying it’s my fault. Don’t they know I live here now, right in the heart of, uh… well, the neighborhood’s name isn’t important. What matters is keeping people, especially myself, in their homes, however recently they signed their lease.

The fight against gentrification begins now… that I have the key to my new place. I hope you join in the fight! (From afar.)