Beware of God.

You bsest not be on mie lanw.

Step to the left. A little more. A little more! Very good.

If you don’t get off my lawn, I’ll get off on you.


Here lies you, very soon.

Keep off loose soil.

The Perot Family.

Beware of demon children.

Mr. Vanilla Ice no longer lives here.

I squirt on your shoes from my special place.

You better keep off this goddamned lawn or I am going to find out where you live and do something that will cause you some hurt and pain, hurt and pain for which I will, years later, in the big courtroom, display no remorse whatsoever. Thank You!

Beware of Palindromes. Semor dnilapf Oer Aweb!

This sign made of 100% Solid Mahogany, baby.

I’m pleasuring you from the inside.

I can see real good, too.