A song about a really cool chick and how she turns me on.

A song about how I live life to the utmost and how most folks don’t know how to “fly,” if you know what I mean.

A song about how strung out I was for a few weeks after you left me. Just let it rain, is what I thought, because that’s the way I felt inside.

A song about how important it is to take a chance on love, to just go for it—it’s really worth it.

A song about this freaky dude I know who’s shunned by everyone else because he’s different, but only I see what’s loveable about the guy, and that we should all cherish individuality.

A song obliquely about the sex act: an invitation for my ideal woman to come on over and “do me,” if you will.

Let’s wrap up with a song about how love is really the most important thing and we all ought to live entirely for love, and give love in return.