1. “Let me ponyride off your idea and add…”

2. “To horsey ride off your idea, let me just say…”

3. “No matter how much your idea wiggles and bucks, I’m holding on for dear life to say that…”

4. “Picture this: With one hand, I’m waving a cowboy hat ceremoniously, and with the other, I’m spanking your idea—all while screaming both ‘Yeehaw!’ and adding my two cents that…”

5. “I’m just a little kid and can’t keep up with your idea’s adult gait. Kneel down and let me hop on your idea’s back for a classic piggyback to say…”

6. “Your idea is dating my mom for a while, and things are going really well. Your idea decided to take me to a Cubs game, but the ramps at
Wrigley Field are especially steep. Unless your idea wants to see me make a scene in front of Dansby Swanson, maybe take a knee by the
Goose Island cart and let me piggyback off of it. This is all to make the point that…”

7. “Your idea’s not my real dad!”

8. “That idea is one wild hog, so call me Tim Allen. Or John Travolta. Or Martin Lawrence. Or William H. Macy. Wow, Wild Hogs had a surprisingly star-studded cast. Anyway…”

9. “Freeze! FBI! I’m in hot pursuit of an even better idea, so I’m commandeering this hog of an idea for a high-speed chase to say…”

10. “You made a good point, and rather than admit that and just agree, I’m going to pretend that I’m adding something to this conversation by ‘piggybacking’ off of your idea, demoting your idea to the role of a servant pig, and promoting mine to some sort of whimsical animal wrangler. In essence, I’m going to use your idea as a springboard.”