60-Watt Monster

A terrifying look at how one simple idea set out to revolutionize the way we saw ovens and what might come out of them. Creeping and crawling your way to success is not without heated politics, and working out the bugs on a revolutionary idea means really stretching to create what would become a terrifying toaster of the town. But at what cost? Peer into the journey that alternately spooked and delighted investors setting out to create one of the first true incubators in the business world: The Creepy Crawler Oven.

Number One in the No. 2 Game

Dixon Ticonderoga led the pack when it came to no. 2 pencils. But at what cost? What mistakes were simply erased? What killer business instincts were sharpened to a poisonous point along the way? And just how long could the company’s leaders hang on to the number one spot while risking becoming a dull no. 2? This is a searing look at staying permanent in a world that was designed to be temporary and whisked aside without ever having left a mark.

While Your Friends Were Rotting

In the ’90s, friendship bracelets became ubiquitous… but at what cost? We’ll take a close look at friends becoming colorful, intricately woven, and tied around your wrist… until they rotted and fell off, getting lost in the streets and gutters of the places you lived. While Your Friends Were Rotting is a terrifying look into what it took to become more than just string, to be a blindingly bright braid that celebrated the people you would die for. Here is a searing and honest film about a tether of promises that would ultimately fade and fall away… and those who decided to simply cut their losses.

Not Corny

The idea was simple: fried cornbread-covered hot dogs on sticks, and fried cornbread-covered cheese on sticks. Also, fresh lemonade in a cup, all in one place, all at an affordable price. Not Corny is a searing look into the rise of Hot Dog on a Stick… from its roots as a humble southern California snack spot to a booming forty-three-location franchise. And the battering people took in the wake of unparalleled growth in the stick-based-snack (and lemonade) sector. This is what happens when you hot dog your way to being the big cheese by making lemonade when life gives you lemons… but at what cost?