Acyclovir: known as Zovirax, Golden Ticket, Everlasting Gobstopper, Herpes Helper.

Cefaclor: known as Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Bird on a Wire, The Middle C, Fredo (after the character in The Godfather, derivation unknown).

Cefadroxil: known as Bump, Toot, Smack, Flick, Phoot, Kerblammo, Crunch.

Ciprofloxacin: known as Cipro, Ceeflox, Ben’s Candy (for its ability to increase the effect of Warfarin, a common rat poison. See 1972 killer rat movie Ben).

Erythromycin: known as Special E, Good ‘n’ Plenty, Whumpers, Soccer Mom Special, Mycies.

Penicillin V: known as Penn Station, Wolfman’s Delight (for common side effect of black, hairy tongue).

Tetracycline: known as The Goods, Stuff, Substance, The Good Stuff, The Stuff That Is Good, Dr. Kissinger’s Crutch.