Claire, Emily, Sarah, Jen—
these are names to email when
following up is circling back,
when you need to confirm, but aren’t on Slack.

Claire can check with Emily’s sked—
for some reason Jen’s not on this thread?
If all else fails, we’ll cc Alex.
(That is, of course, if the budget allows it).

Please see attached
for any questions at all,
we can loop back offline,
or jump on a call.

Monday is tough for me,
Tues would be better—
I know Emily has a hard out
due to the weather.

Sarah’s on a plane,
Claire’s three hours ahead
—Jen no longer works here
(I’ve taken her off this thread).

That being said,
Emily’s eager to pull the trigger.
So take a look at the PDF when you can
(I apologize I couldn’t make the font bigger).

Sorry, just seeing this!
For some strange reason,
we never got your invoice—
must be the season!

There’s also a chance
it was Jen’s mistake—
we’re still playing catch-up
(I know I’ll be staying late).

And at the end of the day,
we’ll say best regards and thanks again,
to Claire, to Emily,
to Sarah, and to Jen.