Speak Memory,
Of when the rose-red fingers of Dawn
Stretched forth across the arc of the world,
And Odysseus rose from his bed and slung
Briefcase and bright iPad on his back,
And sailed to the Land of the Dead—
Otherwise known as the Tri-County Office Park—
Stopping first to pick up Bob Faliveno in Marketing,
(So that he might sail along in the commuter lane legally)
Bob that brave man, who had survived war and the last
Round of corporate downsizing.

His black ship, a mid-sized Acura TL sedan, west
Odysseus came to the mouth of Hell wreathed in smoke—
In other words, the I-92 turnpike—
Where noble Athena in HR once did give him counsel:
Beware the sirens of Starbucks! Barristas
Of such beauty that no man can resist
Overpriced frappucinos! Bid brave Bob Faliveno
To bind you to the wheel should you,
Enraptur’d, beg to go through the drive-up window—
Then have him lash the bonds still tighter!

Odysseus commanded his brave compatriot,
Bob Faliveno, to bind him fast and also put on the
Bangles CD as they passed the Frontage Road exit.
He heard their bewitching cries and did indeed
Entertain thoughts of checking his email online
With T-Mobile and maybe staying for a Pumpkin
Spice latte, but instead drove all the faster and
They did make for the I-92 expressway exit,
For the seasons had rolled by and the year had come
Where the Gods in the Front Office had
Declared that they need meet the 5-year sales

But There,
Toss’d on the rush hour traffic did angry Poseidon,
God of the Commute, put a teenager in a
Nissan hatchback, storm wrack’d and late
For first period gym, and blocked their path.
Yet still they sailed on, undaunted,
Into coffee-dark seas, and reached the harbor
Of the Tri-County Office parking garage
And thence took up banner and Q4 sales
Reports, that they might defy the Gods
Or at least the auditors from Grant Thornton
And see a bonus this year.