“A quarter of Republicans view the January 6 attack as justified. Republicans are also more likely to blame left-wing activists than Trump supporters for the riot.” — The Washington Post

- - -

As the January 6th Committee’s public hearings grip our nation, we wholly condemn the Democrats’ biased, political witch hunt related to that day and any findings that may spring from it. Firstly, because nothing even happened on January 6th (and if anything did happen, it would be totally justified), and secondly, because the Democrats are the ones responsible for all the bad things that did not occur on that fateful day.

Our rivals across the aisle want the American people to believe that we witnessed some sort of coup attempt or terrorist attack, but January 6th, 2021, was just another day. We undertook the business of good governance, and some citizens engaged in democracy, made their voices heard, and non-violently fought to the death for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And for those disastrous, normal events, the Democrats bear sole responsibility.

But it’s us who they’ve been dragging before Congress to publicly testify about those proud patriots who were totally within their rights and duties as Americans by fiercely doing nothing and are also Antifa plants. It’s sad how willing these traitorous Democrats are to abuse their power in service of pointing the finger across the aisle, when they’re the ones responsible for that terrible, righteous, average day.

You see, at their core, the events of January 6th were a fight for freedom. A fight to save our election. A fight started by left-wing terrorists who hate our nation. A fight that didn’t happen. How dare this woke mob smear the good names of honest right-wing Americans by battling to save our country from tyranny while dressed as Trump supporters, but also not, because no such battle occurred?

How dare they?

Why are we the focus of this investigation when clearly nothing happened, and it’s all Nancy Pelosi’s fault? After all, she was in charge of the Capitol Police. Why didn’t she take the necessary steps to prepare them for those completely ordinary and not-at-all-exceptional circumstances? It was well within her power to stop the stuff that didn’t happen from not happening sooner, and yet she did nothing. Will the Democrats investigate that? No. They would rather publicly air our correspondences with militias and white supremacist organizations, neither of which exists either, by the way, and if they did they would be working with the Democrats and/or would be nonviolent/ totally reasonable.

And why are we not looking into the FBI’s role in these non-events? It’s obvious that FBI and Antifa provocateurs stoked what had been a peaceful, legal protest into an even more peaceful, even more legal protest that in no way led to the loss of six lives and caused over a million dollars worth of damage. It’s clear that a left-wing conspiracy was behind any damaging, tragic happenings, of which there were none. Yet they project their guilt onto us.

But as we all know, doing awful things that never happen has always been the Democrats’ way. From going door to door taking away citizens’ guns, to indoctrinating our kids with critical race theory, to outlawing Doctor Seuss, the Democrats are always in the act of committing attacks that never actually take place against American rights and values. And now they’ve once again damaged America with an incident that didn’t occur, but which they are still one hundred percent responsible for.

By pursuing these biased, unnecessary hearings, Democrats are further dividing this country and eroding our Democratic norms, which were not under assault on January 6th, because any violence committed that day was, generally speaking, totally fine—except for the damage inflicted by Democrats. Indeed, if they continue this line of action, they only make themselves responsible for the inevitable attacks on democracy in 2022 and 2024 that will also not happen and be totally okay and necessary.