Oooh yeah, brother! You know who the man is. You’re looking at him. The toughest, most unbelievable wrestler on the planet, brother! Order me to take it easy all you want, Doc. The Macho Man only takes it hard, brother! Straight up, brother! Oh yeah!

You want to talk to the Macho Man about his skin? Brother, you want to tell the Macho Man that the years of tanning and oiling his body so that each muscle would glisten under the arena light has made him an excellent candidate for skin cancer? Well, the Macho Man did what he did so that the crowd could see what the Macho Man had cookin’, brother! Oh yeah! But, Doc, what you don’t know is that the Macho Man has discovered the cure for cancer, and it is being 100 percent macho all the time. Cancer couldn’t handle the macho biceps or the macho mania. It should never even step in the ring, brother!

If cancer wants a shot at the title, most certainly the end of the match will feature a climb to the top of the examination table. The Macho Man will flash the sign as all the spectators erupt in pandemonium. The Macho Man will fly through the air unleashing the devastating flying elbow drop upon the neck of the opponent, skin cancer, ensuring the disease’s unconsciousness for at least three seconds in order for the ref to count 1, 2, and 3. Brother, there is no better feeling than rising from the mat to the ovation of thousands of roaring fans, nurses, and medical interns, knowing I am the champion of my body! Ooh yeah! Macho Man-style!