The following medical exams were recorded by Doc and turned over to authorities in the class-action suit, Dwarfs vs. Diamond Mine, as evidence proving that the mine is in flagrant violation of labor, health and safety codes.

- - -

Name: Happy

Diagnosis: Hypothyroidism, mild anxiety

Medications: Daily baby aspirin for hypertension, anti-depressants (Zoloft) for anxiety

Treatment: Referred patient to an endocrinologist for possible hormone treatment for weight disorder and psychologist for anxiety. Wrote note to employer (diamond mine) for short-term disability as current position is dangerous to overall health.

Notes: Worried taking him off anti dep. will cause stress/possible cardiac event.

- - -

Name: Dopey

Diagnosis: Healthy (mildly underweight)

Symptoms: NA

Medications: None

Treatment: Wrote note to legal guardian (S. White) to increase his caloric intake.

Notes:: Intellectually disabled, incapable of speaking after mine accident. Check with OSHA on disabled persons working in dangerous locations (diamond mine).

- - -

Name: Sleepy

Diagnosis: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Symptoms: Easily distracted, constant fatigue, enlarged lymph nodes

Medications: None

Treatment: Patient is resistant to taking sleeping pills. Reduce caffeine intake and wrote note to employer (diamond mine) for fewer hours in mine until condition improves.

Notes: Constantly bothered by fly, check with psychologist about possible hallucination.

- - -

Name: Sneezy

Diagnosis: Hay Fever

Symptoms: Overdramatic sneezing, scratchy throat, itchy eyes

Medications: Daily guaifenesin for congestion, ibuprofen for sinus headache

Treatment: Continuing current treatment. Referred to occupational therapist to discuss career move to an indoor office as present situation (diamond mine) not good environment for persistent allergy condition.

Notes: Lingering symptoms could mean something more serious, blood taken as precaution and being examined at lab.

- - -

Name: Grumpy ‬

Diagnosis: Asshole

Symptoms: Quick temper, irritability

Medications: “None of my god-damn business”

Treatment: Referred to another physician

Notes: Good physical health but a total nightmare. Smoked in office despite repeated requests to stop. Racist. Strong upper body from manual labor (diamond mine).

- - -

Name: Bashful

Diagnosis: Healthy, social anxiety

Symptoms: Frequent blushing, strong feelings of “awkwardness”

Treatment: No medical treatment. Recommended public speaking or improv class

Notes: Had breakdown in office over housemate/caretaker whom he loves but would “never date someone like me (diamond miner), let alone a dwarf.”

- - -

Name: Doc (self-assessment)

Diagnosis: Obese, severe dyslexia, speech impediment

Symptoms: High BMI, stuttered speech

Treatment: Continue exercise routine full-time manual labor (diamond mine). Taking vision test for possible new prescription.

Notes: Limit two apples a day per day