Dear Customer,

For over 60 years, the San Diego Snake Company has been America’s leading provider of professional-quality snakes for the home and office. And thanks to you, August was our best month yet! To celebrate, we’re offering our biggest discounts EVER during our September Slitherers Super Sale—AND we’ve launched a brand-new line of snakes! Read on to discover how you can save big in September at the San Diego Snake Company—and even get snakes for free!


Not only are we offering fantastic discounts this month, but we remain the ONLY mail-order snake company in the country that ships small snakes inside of larger snakes, passing substantial freight savings on to you. Here are September’s special offers:

The Munroe: A Jamaican Boa filled with 100 Garter Snakes, each emitting its signature pungent musk. Great for parties! 50% off.

Office Snake Blowout: Two Desk Snakes, a Herman Miller Aeron Viper, Secretary’s Copperhead, and three nocturnal “Janitor-Condas.” 65% off.

Snow Day: One of every albino snake we have in stock. Changes daily! 45% off.

Back to School: A Mainland Ruler Snake stuffed with Graphite-Venom Gopher Snakes and a “life eraser” Desert Death Adder. 75% off!!!

When You’re Here, You’re Family: A Hostess Cobra overflowing with twenty Petite Fettuccine Pythons, four Black Mamba Breadstick Snakes, and a seemingly “never ending” bowl of Tomato Adders, Red Onion Rattlers, and Sicilian Lettuce-Colored Corn Snakes. 80% off!!!

Plus… New Vehicle Snakes!

We’re very pleased to announce our new line of AAA-approved car and truck snakes—a San Diego Snake Company exclusive! The line includes several unique offerings such as Baby Transmission Vipers, Super-Premium Gas Tank Asps, and for those who like “living fast,” three types of Spoiler Boas. Plus all vehicle snake orders made during the month of September will receive a free Mirror-Bellied Rearview Rat Snake!


And Don’t Forget… Recommend San Diego Snake Company to Your Colleagues!

As always, if you refer a first-time customer, you’ll both receive one of our unique Carolina Briefcase Anacondas. These snakes automatically exchange business cards with other nearby Briefcase Anacondas—including Tinyhat Briefcase Anacondas and Briefcase Futurecondas. They even work with Taiwanese Purse Vipers! A must-have snake for the business traveler!

Happy snaking!