BEE: Hello, Bird.

BIRD: Oh. Hello.

BEE: I’m Bee. I’m a bee.

BIRD: Yes. I see that. How do you do?

BEE: Very well, thank you. And you?

BIRD: Oh, quite well, thank you. Considering.

BEE: Considering?

BIRD: Just the weather. Hard to keep up.

BEE: How can it be hard to keep up when you have such nice wings?

BIRD: Oh, Bee. You are a charmer!

BEE: Oh, Bird. One can’t help but be charming when one is charmed.

BIRD: Hehe. Buy me a drink?

BEE: Done.

- - -

BIRD: Oh, Bee. I’ve never— Not on a first— Oh, Bee.

BEE: Don’t speak, Bird. Just let things—

BIRD: Bee!

BEE: Bird!

BIRD: Oh, Bee!

(Cut to: Several minutes later.)

BEE: Cigarette?

- - -

BEE: When I was 9, my mother stung a man. He was trying to swat me.

BIRD: You poor thing.

BEE: I watched her as she passed. I still blame myself.

BIRD: Wow, Bee. You’ve never opened up like this before.

BEE: I guess I …

BIRD: You guess you what?

BEE: I guess I trust you or something.


BEE: Yeah.

BIRD: Bee?

BEE: Yeah?

BIRD: I love you.

BEE: Aw. Good night.

- - -

BEE: Lay off, Bird. I was working late.

BIRD: What’s her name?

BEE: Jesus Christ! Can’t a man work late?

BIRD: Does she have a stinger? Am I fat?

BEE: Bird, I’m not seeing someone else.

BIRD: Then why did I find pollen in the Honda?

BEE: You searched my Honda?

BIRD: Don’t change the subject!

BEE: God, I can’t even trust you!

BIRD: Don’t twist this!

BEE: Snoop!

BIRD: Cheat!

BEE: Vulture!

BIRD: Drone!

- - -

BEE: Her name is Mandy. She works in HR.

BIRD: Oh my God.

BEE: She’s a wasp from Pittsburgh. And, yeah … maybe you could stand to be a little less early, Bird.

BIRD: Get out.

BEE: I’m gone.

BIRD: Good! Go! I hate you!

- - -

BEE: Bird? Bird, is that you?

BIRD: Oh my God! Bee! How are you?! It’s, uh … It’s been …

BEE: A while!

BIRD: Ha-ha. Yeah. A while.

BEE: You look … just … great.

BIRD: Thanks! You, too. You, too. So … what’s, uh … what’s new?

BEE: Not much. Getting married in June …

BIRD: Wow! Congratulations. That’s just … That’s great.

BEE: Yeah. She’s a great girl … Good family.

BIRD: That’s wonderful …

BEE: What about you? Got anybody?

BIRD: I’ve been seeing a crow on and off. I’m meeting the murder later this week … for the, uh … the holidays.

BEE: Wow, yeah. Good. Great.

BIRD: Hey, I gotta … I gotta run. Let’s get … coffee or something sometime.

BEE: Sounds great. Sounds good. Yeah … let’s … let’s make it happen.

BIRD: Yeah.

BEE: It was good running into you, Bird.

BIRD: You, too, Bee. You, too.