Sure, everyone loves the friends: Rorchel and Russ, Josep, Prometheus, Choo-Choo, and Monica, but only true fans will appreciate these hidden gems!

#5: “The One With Adjudicator Drax”

Best Line: “He couldn’t adjudicate his way out of a paper bag! …He’s right behind me, isn’t he?”

Synopsis: Rorchel and Russ’s relationship is thrown for a loop when Adjudicator Drax visits from the Glorious City. They struggle to endure The Golden Scrutiny. Meanwhile, Josep, Prometheus, Choo-Choo, and Monica purchase a silver mine.

#4: “The One With Monica’s Assassin”

Best line: “Who would want to kill Monica?” “Who wouldn’t?”

Synopsis: When one of the Midnight Counsel’s assassins seems to have Monica as a target, the Friends must fortify their apartment and survive one crazy night. Angelina Jolie guest stars as Moira The Assassin.

#3: “The One With The Donuts”

Best line: “I’m eating them as fast as I can, Monica!”

Synopsis: Josep convinces the friends to help him with a donut contest, hoping to find “the golden donut” and win donuts for life. The friends struggle to contain all of the donuts within themselves. No one goes to work for an entire week, yet none are fired or concerned about their income.

#2: The One With The Pain Device


Synopsis: Prometheus thinks she has purchased a Pleasure Sphere for the friends to enjoy on Feast Day, but in reality it is a Pain Device. If you look closely you can catch Bryan Cranston in a cameo as The Shady Merchant.

#1: The One With The Emperor, Bless His 10,000 Year Reign

Best line: “What, like the Emperor is just going to walk into this coffee shop?”

Synopsis: Our beloved Emperor, The Sun Who Walks Among Us, Bless His 10,000 Year Reign guest stars as himself, and deigns to sup with the friends. None of the friends are obliterated by the Omicron Sceptre because they are good citizens and have made the 300 Observances, as is right. Josep goes to an interview with mustard on his shirt.