Hey Clayton!

Hiya Clayton!

Hey there Mr. Clayton!

Hola, Senor Clayton!

Are you ready for your interview, Bill Clayton?

Does Bill Clayton want to get in the chair?

First you get a jellybean, and then you get in the chair.

Are you afraid of the other monkeys?

Eeeeeeep, eeeeeeek eeeeeeek

Did you shit in the chair?

It looks like someone gave you too much water yesterday.

Tuy khoroshi obyazyan, i dolzhat mnogo vinograda.

Did Petr give you too much water?

Hiya fella.

So now he’s peeing on me, too?

If you squirm like that, I can’t grab your headpost.

Petr’s haircut looks like yours.

You’ll break your implant!

You don’t like it when I touch your ear, do you?

U menya mnogo tine, o kotorakh ya khochu govorit’ tibya.

Is Petr this nice to you?

Here, have a raisin.

First turn the peanut, then pull it through the bars.

Do you like green flavor?

I like yellow.

Ni obmanuy mnye!

Why do you think Petr is trying to ruin my experiment?

You have green and I’ll have yellow.

Are you trying to give me Herpes B?

Does Scruffy Duffy Mumble Puss have Herpes B?

You’re like a little person.

You’re a little, hairy man.

Vmestye muy sozdayom istoriyu.

You’re a tiny monkey-man.

You have little person hands.

Your little fingernails are like my bigger fingernails.

I’m just a bigger version of you, aren’t I?

You’re like my little person.

Who’s a little person?

Who’s just a big monkey?

You’re waking up… he’s waking up… someone pull out the tube.