1. “Let me bring you some lunch!”

2. “Late-stage capitalism is really hard.”

3. “Let me help bandage them up (practical support).”

4. “Want to meet up at the park tomorrow?”

5. “Let’s join the campaign to shorten the work week while retaining a living wage.”

6. “They are really cute kids. Thanks for brightening my day by seeing them jump and be happy.”

7. “Here’s an ice pack so they can feel better (so many kids seem to be calmed by ice packs).”

8. “One time, I let my kid play on the iPad for four hours because I was just so tired.”

9. “I can see that you’re doing a good job, even though it doesn’t always feel like it.”

10. “I’d be happy to watch them for a while right now while you do errands, scroll on your phone, or whatever you need to do.”