Air Force officer sitting on a crate pumping his arm in Guile’s stage:

“Yes! Woo! Fight! You two fight! Keep fighting! I love that you just broke that box! It contained the equipment we needed to repair my plane’s radar before my search and rescue mission! Guess they’ll just have to survive the desert a bit longer! Woo! Punch each other!”

Woman on a ship cheering in Ken’s stage:

“This is so awesome! That sumo wrestler is killing that blonde man mere feet in front of us! I also hope we can dock soon so we can deliver these fish we’ve spent weeks harvesting! If we don’t, the whole shipment could be lost! But they’re fighting right where we dock and it’s the best day of my life! I’ve never seen a violent fight in person, and now that I have, I am as excited as everyone else!”

Man tightly holding a chicken in Chun-Li’s stage:

“That woman just turned upside down and spun her legs at a man who can stretch his arms! I can’t let go of this chicken! They aren’t even athletes, but wizards who divine martial arts magic through their very skin! This chicken must stay in my hand! If I lose it, I don’t get another! Watching this battle has made the world feel so much larger, and my own place in it so much smaller! Better check again — yeah I still have my trusty chicken!”

The boa constrictor wrapped around a tree in Blanka’s stage:


Soviet worker cheering in Zangief’s stage:

“Zangief just hit that boxer guy! What fun in this sweltering hot factory filled with heavy chains and toxic chemicals! Working here is pain! Zangief picked the boxer up and slammed him right into the ground! That’s the spirit! If only he used those muscles to move some of these chains and barrels! That would be so useful! But at least other people are getting hurt and not us! Unless one of those barrels explodes and we die!"