Please, what is this process to which we refer as semolina?
Hello? Spending all your time in the cantina?
Please, I got these words from a page in a book of poems by Mina
Loy. Now I see that over the whole of Washington there is a strange blue patina.
And you know how much we all miss Corinna.
Like as much as there are as many ducks in all of Carolina.

Carobola. Carobingo. Carolampus. Carolina. Carolingus. Carolina.
Semi-Demi. Semolana. Semalapon. Semolina.
Corri. Corridora. Corrigendum, Corinna. Corinna.
Cannoli. Cannula. Canononical. Canopry. Cantina.
P’p’p’p’p’p’p’p’p patina.
Mama mia. Mama mama. Mama Mina.

Mina Loy. Mi. Na. Mina. Mindbending mindbending mindblowing mindboggling Mina
Loy. Blue mountains to the north of the walls in Carolina.
Munching on a plum a patina
Of your desolation. This is what you call semolina?
Unchanging motion in a straight line? Resulting from the absence of a force in the cantina?
This is a portrait of somebody, some other than Corinna.

The memory of the memory of Corinna.
With the publication of Galileo’s Discorsi in 1638, Mina
Loy started spending all her nights praying in the cantina
Gravitationally collapsing thermal particles all over Carolina
Frontal lobe all semolina
Zero-angular-momentum state of the patina

You are the mystic boss of Lobachevskian space: and time is a patina
You use to unlock the grid confining Corinna
As the photon’s wave function impinges on the semolina
Unlike Smoot’s God ? more like Hawking’s evaporation time now under the spell of Mina
Under the spell of Poincaré under the spell of Mozart in the continuum known as Carolina
And after the Turing machine comes to a halt, you might leave the cantina

Who is not afraid of the cantina?
Who is not in love with the patina?
Who is not alone in Carolina?
Who is not beguiled by Corinna?
Who is not Mina
Loy? There is no authentic semolina.

Dante conceived it: the cantina. Beyond Tuscany there is Corinna.
This black snake dualism is all patina. With Mina
Smoking like a fissure deep in Carolina, I am the semolina