Meteor showers are a unique chance to reach beyond earth’s atmosphere and personally connect with the Universe in a real-time show more exciting than any fireworks display. And what better way to enjoy that spectacle than by sharing it with your toddler! But before you grab your little astronomer and hit a nearby rooftop, make sure to read through these helpful tips.

1. Get your toddler prepared for staying up late

The best time to see the meteor shower is very, very late at night. Fortunately, kids love staying up late. The best way to make sure your toddler will be able to stay up that late is to get him accustomed to it by keeping him up very late all week leading up to the big night.

2. Make sure to bring a pair of really good binoculars

Binoculars are great to get an even better view of the show. But only really good expensive ones are going to do the trick. So bring your best binoculars to share with your toddler.

3. Pack a snack your toddler will find out-of-this-world

Since this will already be quite the adventure for your little sidekick, it’s the perfect time to introduce an exotic new food. What a special night – first shooting star and first spicy tuna roll!

4. Set expectations sky-high

Tell your toddler this will be the most amazing thing she’s ever seen. Then, when you get to the viewing location, if she starts to get antsy, all you have to do is just keep telling her, “it’s almost starting!”

5. Use this special opportunity to introduce important new concepts to your toddler

Late at night, under the stars, in the middle of the majesty of the Universe is a wonderful time to introduce big new ideas to your toddler by telling him that each shooting star he sees is a member of The Wiggles ascending to heaven.