A recurring joke in the otherwise forgettable film, You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, is that the main character is obsessed with hummus. At one point, he even brushes his teeth with it. The movie’s central theme is that even though Israelis and Palestinians might have their differences, they were alike in so many ways! After all, both cultures loved hummus! World peace brought to you by Adam Sandler… and hummus.

It’s pretty cutthroat in the world of pre-made hummus (is that why someone hasn’t made “Zohan Hummus” yet?). Sabra Hummus suffered a serious setback when they had to recall their hummus in 2016 due to listeria contamination. Clearly, there’s an opening in the hummus market, chocolate or otherwise. New flavors seem to appear practically every week, and hummus sales have been growing in recent years. It’s vegan, gluten-free, nutritious, and many would say delicious.

Hummus purists might scoff at Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus, but I am no purist.

“Hummus gone rogue. It’s also chocolate gone right.” So promises the label on the Tribe Hummus’s Dark Chocolate Hummus. The packaging suggests “Great With Strawberries!” but I thought it might also be good with apples. I firmly believe in adding a little chocolate to encourage the consumption of fresh fruits, especially when one perhaps over-confidently purchased an entire bag of apples.

I tried the Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus with my son, a bona fide chocolate fiend (but also someone who is not entirely opposed to my efforts to create “healthier” versions of things).

“What do you think?” I asked him.

“I approve,” he said, with chocolate hummus smeared all over the lower half of his face. Perhaps the chocolate hummus could serve, if not as toothpaste, as a passable hair gel.

You may not solve all the conflict in the world by eating some hummus, but you could do a lot worse than Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus if you’re trying to satisfy your sweet tooth while also getting some protein. Look for it in an authentic middle eastern bazaar, or a supermarket, near you.