Sign of the Times

You were fiery, Caucasian, and holding a “Blacks for Trump” sign. We made eye contact before you punched a protester in his jaw. How I wish to see you again.

- - -

Yellin’ About Yellen

We both screamed the same four-letter word to sum up Janet Yellen. Message me it, and I’ll know it’s you.

- - -

The Extra-Large Trojan

You asked me if I had read the latest InfoWars expose on Hillary’s “Trojan Horse” plan. I lied and said I hadn’t. (I have many times; it’s my favorite.) I could watch your mouth move all day.

- - -

Me + You + Vince Foster = <3

You took me behind the porta-potties, and confided in me about how the Clintons hired you to assassinate Vince Foster. Why won’t you let me love you?

- - -

Tie Me Up

When our hands briefly touched as we tightened the noose around your Hillary-dummy’s neck, I felt such electricity. You can tie me up anytime, sweet stranger.

- - -

Jew You Want To See Me Again?

You kissed me passionately after I explained how the Rothschild family controls the world’s wealth and financial institutions. You were tall. We were both pro-Israel.