August 22, 2017

The Trump administration is facing international criticism for its most recent public prosecutions of what the Department of Justice is calling “political subversives.” Among those being tried for crimes against the state include Democratic members of Congress, journalists, a handful of professional sports mascots, and Rosie O’Donnell. We spoke with several Trump voters to get their reaction.

Bob White, 46. Unemployed electrician. Altoona, PA
“Look, he probably could do a better job explaining what those folks he threw in prison did wrong. But he said he’d drain the swamp. Let’s give the man a chance.”

Fred Johnson, 71. USMC, retired. Brownsville, TX:
“The president swore an oath to defend the country from all enemies foreign and domestic, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. Good for him!”

Ashley Wilkins, 54. Retail store manager. Montgomery, AL:
“I wish he’d get off the Twitter, but that Rosie O’Donnell should’ve been locked up a long time ago.”

October 6, 2017

After President Trump declared martial law last month — imposing a nationwide curfew from dusk until dawn, banning the use of federal highways, and closing the nation’s airports — there is growing concern among business leaders that these measures could hurt the economy. But the Trump voters we spoke to didn’t seem that concerned — yet.

Susan Wilder, 42. Licensed nurse. Charleston, WV:
“I miss things like going to the movies and shopping for groceries, but Trump ran a successful business and knows what he’s doing, so I’m still happy with the big picture.”

Jim Fielding, 66. Retired plumber. Phoenix, AZ:
“Trump did the right thing. Too much violence in our cities, especially on the border, but now crime’s way down. I just hope it doesn’t go on too much longer as I need a surgical procedure out of state.”

Mark Richards, 53. Real estate broker. Nashville, TN:
“Trump is America’s CEO — he’s the boss. And if he says a merciless, unrestrained police crackdown is exactly what this country needs right now, I’m with him.”

- – -

January 19, 2018

America’s food supplies are under an unprecedented strain, as the country reels from an unusually harsh winter and a paralyzed transportation system. Now, more and more Americans are calling for President Trump’s removal. But we spoke to a few Trump supporters in Forsyth County, Georgia, who haven’t yet lost faith in the man they voted for.

Joe Lefferts, 50. Dentist:
“I don’t get it, now folks want to blame Trump for the weather? C’mon, people, back off and let the man govern.”

Bob Erickson, 35. Auto mechanic:
“I hunt, I fish, I do whatever it takes to put food on my table. Do I ask for government handouts? No. Americans have gotten soft, just like Trump says.”

Katie Weston, 30. Lab technician:
“People going hungry is sad, but I still support President Trump because of the Supreme Court.”

- - -

March 23, 2018

Will a sex scandal be the tipping point for the Trump presidency? A recent exposé by the Washington Post uncovered an orgy, held in the US Capitol every full moon, involving the president and Republican lawmakers’ wives. The Trump voters we talked to, however, don’t seem too troubled by this development.

Tommy Richardson, 55. Pastor. Tulsa, OK:
“I was disappointed to hear about the orgies, but we’re all sinners in the eyes of God. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what he does, all that matters is that Trump said he accepted Christ as his savior."

Susan Wright, 39. Bank teller. Fontana, CA:
“On Fox News, they said all great leaders have done this kind of thing going back to the Roman Emperors. He’s a powerful man, they’re grown women. What’s the problem?”

Doug Carlson, 68. Retired truck driver. Houston, TX:
“That video is fake news. Didn’t happen. All I care about is the wall, and he’s working on that.”

- - -

May 1, 2018

President Trump’s controversial new executive order making firstborn males wards of the state so that he can harvest their blood for his own personal use has created quite a stir in the Beltway. But what do Trump supporters think?

Jeff Tinsley, 49. Marketing director. Jacksonville, FL:
“To be totally honest, I’m not really sure that Trump infusing himself with the blood of infants is really what this country needs right now. But he’s been good on jobs, so I’d say the verdict’s still out on that one.”