As an Asian person, it’s comforting to know that, in difficult times, white allies will always be there to message me whatever they want. Here are some of those unsolicited texts:

Konnichiwa, my dude. Just read the news. :(

hey brother, just checking in. wearing my kimono and thought of u.

Sup king, wanted to say I appreciate you and all Asians. I love every Asian.

Saw u post about that rally. Can’t make it this time, but I’ll be there in spirit. Sayonara, friend.

i know we never really talked in high school, and i also said ‘i hate you, don’t talk to me,’ but just letting u know: i love you and u can talk to me whenevs.

hey dawgie, just want to let you know I value you and your contributions to culture and the economy.

just watched Minari. usually don’t like reading during movies, but it was worth it.

You can talk to me anytime. I’m one of the good ones. <3 my yellow friends

As much as I love the inclusive emojis, I honestly miss when all emojis were Asian

my dude! we simply must have a dialogue

Being your friend is such an honor. Makes me want to have way more azn friends

Just tried kimchi man. So interesting. By the way, sorry about all the Asian hate.

Hey, I’m sorry about all the times I bowed whenever you entered the room. Turns out my sign of respect was a sign of disrespect. Talk about a teachable moment.

Just so you know, my wife is Asian. So I get it.

Dude, I know you don’t act, but you GOTTA be cast in Crazy Rich Asians

The rally looks dope!! Jealous. Wish I could make it, but scheduled this vacay a while ago

my heart goes out to you. sending you love — also receipts for places I’ve donated to

Not that it matters, but what kind of -nese are you again?

I pretty much exclusively date Asian girls, so I feel your pain here

letting you know I’m trying my hardest to stop being white

brother! what does your sched look like? hoping to pencil in a dialogue with you

making good use of my wok in honor of these tough times. bless up

just posted my yellow square. sending love!

i love k-pop! you open to having dialogues these days?

i took taekwondo, so I’m with y’all on this one.

lmk if there’s anything i can do to help. I already donated quite a bit for BLM, so a bit strapped money-wise, but i’m definitely there for y’all emotionally.

Bought this rice cooker and thought of you

Memorized the dance to “Dynamite” today! BTS is better than the Beatles, man.

Getting better at chopsticks everyday

I don’t think of you as a model minority! You’re ugly af. Just kidding. Trying to find humor in these dark times, lol.

I like whatever kind you are, jordan

Did you get my iCal invite? I scheduled us for a dialogue.