“Climate change could pose an ‘existential threat’ by 2050.” — CNN, 6/4/19

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In an effort to dispel worry from recent “reporting” that indicates rapidly changing climate could lead to eco-devastation around the world in the near future, I believe it would be prudent to remind concerned observers of the official United States policy on these so-called “climate change” related conditions. Due in no small part to the lack of independently verifiable scientific research establishing the existence of these climate related-disasters, and the difficulty in ascertaining what exactly is causing dramatic increases in extreme heat, species-loss, and rising sea levels around the planet, it is currently America’s directive to do absolutely nothing about these climate change conditions until we can verify climate change is a person of color, gay, an immigrant, or a woman.

Understandably, the complete collapse of the majority of the Earth’s major ecosystems appears to be a near-incomprehensible problem that would require near-unprecedented levels of human cooperation to adequately address. Accordingly, it has been American precedent for over forty-years to completely ignore it in the interest of over-policing our own population, establishing an increasingly closed society that perpetuates a culture of fear, and racism, and preventing our own citizenship from obtaining necessary healthcare procedures. Were the problem easier to understand, or more readily visible, perhaps, say, for instance, a young African-American man walking alone in a park, or a South American child not confined to a cage, the United States would be more prepared to readily terminate the problem with extreme prejudice.

It’s important that we as a nation first take on the issues we can get a handle on. This means addressing the needs of Americans on the home front before we concern ourselves with a global heat wave, and the incineration of most of the polar shelf. If you were to tell me climate change was emigrating from Honduras or could reproduce, we’d have a problem. Instead, with its amorphous terms and debatable origins, climate change is nothing more than pseudo-science backed by a crazed cult, much like fans of Beyoncé. Before getting worried watching footage of a catastrophic natural disaster, ask yourself: Was the mudslide ever arrested for possession of marijuana? Couldn’t the typhoon have just given Thailand up for adoption? Is that earthquake gay? Was the hurricane named “Muhammad”?

Though we have made great strides in the last three years, we must realize that we still have so many rights to destroy, so many norms to erode, and so many walls to build here at home before we can deal with the planet’s weather problems.

As our fathers and forefathers did, we must ask not what we can do for the world, but instead, ask: is a non-white man behind this?