“An anti-L.G.B.T.Q. group is organizing a boycott of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade over performances by nonbinary Broadway actors, in the latest attempt to force companies to reverse course on social issues that some far-right groups consider too liberal.” — New York Times

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As you may have heard, we at One Million Moms will be boycotting this year’s Macy’s parade because two performers from Broadway musicals are members of the so-called LGBTQ community. As good Christians from Mississippi, we cannot sit by and let a pair of LGBTQ musical theater professionals up there in New York City get away with singing and dancing in flashy costumes to carefully rehearsed choreography.

When we heard that out of the hundreds of Broadway performers showing their jazz hands to America, not one, but two of them would be of that persuasion, we knew we had to do something. Not being from New York and never having been to a Broadway show, we have a unique perspective on what theater should and shouldn’t be. Theater is the church Christmas pageant. It’s a lesser-known Osmond performing on a Tunica riverboat. It’s certainly not LGBTQ people swishing around dramatically while promoting social change through emotionally resonant songs.

It’s only two of them for now, but we’ve heard there could be more LGBTQ Broadway performers. As many as four or five, possibly. What if we reach the day when a majority of actors working on Broadway are LGBTQ? Or even just supportive of those who are? What would happen to the American theater if this hallowed industry became known for such a niche agenda? Shows that are about misunderstood witches or young people simply struggling to pay rent could turn into sneaky ways of slipping pro-LGBTQ messages to the public.

This whole matter is especially insulting when you consider this is a parade hosted by a clothing brand. So now we have LGBTQs ruining not only American musical theater and street marches, but also shopping? What are they going to do next, physically come into our homes? And then perfectly reappoint our tragic living rooms? Not on our watch.

If Macy’s goes through with this, we’re going to New York City and will search through all of the theaters, cabarets, and floor shows until we find these two individuals who think they have a right to be both openly expressive in the arts and openly LGBTQ. It may be hard to find them, but we have no doubt that the male casts of the various Broadway musicals will join forces with us. Those virile young lads who spend their days in the gym and their nights at tough guy bars with names like “Cock” and “Eagle” don’t want LGBTQ people giving their profession a bad name any more than we do.

So consider this your warning, Macy’s. You either tell the only two LGBTQ musical theater performers who’ll be appearing on this telecast to stay home Thursday morning, or we will make you very, very sorry. This is a dance-fight you cannot win.