My friends and mentors and fellow warblers in the Georgetown Chimes warned me that taking a policy internship in the Trump White House would be career suicide. But so far, nothing could be further from the truth. In my short time on the job, I have already gained valuable hands-on experience working on a range of issues critical to the success of this great nation and its role as a global economic leader. And if you speak to my direct supervisor, Derek, he’ll tell you that I was with him until 10:30 last Thursday night preparing a memo on tax repatriation, and could not have been present for the incident that occurred in the Map Room.

Some have argued that, regardless of his Electoral College landslide, President Trump’s checkered personal history and allegations of Russian election interference render him somehow unfit or illegitimate. Maybe it’s because my father and grandfather proudly sold avionics systems to Republican and Democratic administrations alike, but I say patriotic Americans on both sides of the aisle should keep an open mind and root for our new commander-in-chief to succeed for the good of our country. We must not rush to judgment based on thinly sourced reporting from a few highly biased media outlets, nor should we throw around terms like “accomplice to murder” or “accessory after the fact” just because you’re a 2L now, Asher.

The fact is that even with strong leadership at the top, it will take time to undo eight years of disastrous fiscal mismanagement. Barack Obama’s radical liberalism doubled the national deficit, imposed countless job-killing tax hikes and regulations, and shoved a government takeover of the health care system down taxpayers’ throats. That’s not to mention our bloated entitlement programs or the sky-high corporate tax rates that drive companies to shutter factories and ship jobs overseas. We should be focusing all our energies on addressing these issues instead of conducting a blatant witch hunt. I never even spoke to Becky after group orientation on our first day; why would my number have come up on her phone?

Despite these hurdles and complexities, I am pleased to report that we have already begun making progress on several fronts. We believe we can pass a comprehensive tax reform package through reconciliation early in the year, and we are close to setting a meeting time to discuss the replacement for Obamacare, though it has been difficult to coordinate everyone’s calendars. I would add that, despite rumors of friction spread by the mainstream media, it has been a pleasure to work with Speaker Ryan’s office as we develop our plans. The Speaker has long been a hero of mine and so many other young men in my demographic, and I hope I’ll be fortunate enough to meet him some day. So far I’ve mainly worked with his deputy assistant policy liaison, Thad. You know, there was a rumor going around that he and Becky hooked up. They’re both from Wisconsin, I think. Have you talked to Thad yet?

I guess what it comes down to for me is that, despite any initial reservations I may have had, and despite the fact that I could have very easily used my father’s connections to secure an internship with the Ways & Means Committee instead, I’ve come to believe that “Make America Great Again” is more than just a slogan. It’s a mandate from the voters who put President Trump in office, and based on my exchange with him in the greeting line, I can tell the president takes his duty to all of those uneducated truckers and scullery maids very seriously. Regardless of what you claim you found in that duffle bag, which doesn’t even belong to me, I’m honored to play some small role in the important work this administration is doing. And I have nothing else to say to you until my attorney is present.