“Texas officials have begun investigating parents of transgender adolescents for possible child abuse, according to a lawsuit filed on Tuesday, after Gov. Greg Abbott directed them last week to handle certain medical treatments as possible crimes.” — New York Times, 3/1/22

- - -

Here in Texas, we strive to protect our children from those who want to put their well-being ahead of our state goverment’s almost cartoonishly sinister policies. This is why we have taken the necessary step of criminalizing the actions of parents who try to keep their children healthy and happy.

From this point on, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services will take charge whenever they see mothers and fathers put their children in harm’s way by shielding them from our oppressive government meddling.

The ACLU wants to bar lawmakers in Texas from charging irresponsible parents who are likely committing child abuse by doing what they think is best for their children. How dare they? Don’t they realize that it’s our job as old Republican men, many of us who still refer to grown women as “girls,” to be the deciding factor in trans healthcare in 2022?

Radicalized parents may counter by saying that it is simply not an option for them not to make sure their children have access to the care they need. But they must consider the care that their state government needs. We too have mental health issues. Imagine how depressed we would become if we were no longer allowed to interfere in the private lives of Texas citizens. It would send shivers up our spines, if we had any.

As the midterm election nears, it is important to remind our constituents what the GOP stands for: a total lack of respect and disregard for non-white-adult-male lives. We claim to be pro-liberty and privacy, but we really only mean that if you fit our narrow definition of “acceptable human being.” Otherwise, best of luck.

To parents who feel betrayed by this new directive, just know how betrayed your trans teen feels when you show how much you care for them and want to make sure they have a happy life. No wonder trans teen suicide rates are so high.

Critics may say that our policies in Texas have lurched even sharper to the right, but they actually have swerved straight off the road, crashed through a NO EXIT sign, and nosedived into utter insanity. And that is where we would prefer our policies to stay.

You see, we have no interest in creating laws that in any way, shape or form align with medical science. We simply cannot in good conscience allow minors to do anything that goes against the draconian views of the Republican Party.

We hope you’ll understand that in Texas in 2022, good parenting is now a crime. Sorry for the inconvenience.