MFA in Being Told to Meditate and Seek Therapy When You Bring Up the Microaggressions You Have Faced to the Associate Director

MFA in You Are Pakistani? Read This. [Shows You a Book With a Woman Wearing a Hijab On the Cover]

MFA in Being Asked: “What Do I Say When Students Tell Me the Program is Too White?”

MFA in Teach Us How to Teach You

MFA in Mispronouncing the Names of Your Characters or Skipping Over Them Altogether

MFA in Using Visiting Writers of Color to Offset the Whiteness of the Program

MFA in Faculty Mispronouncing the Names of Visiting Writers

MFA in By The Way It’s Tony TOO la ti MOO tee

MFA in Being Asked In Workshop Why Your Character is Upset That Her Father Abandoned Her When It Happened So Long Ago

MFA in Please Don’t Get Tenure

MFA in Shit, They Got Tenure

MFA in Biting Your Tongue Because You Need Letters of Recommendation

MFA in Listening to “Survivor” By Destiny’s Child On Loop Because the Only Way to Be a Person of Color in the MFA is By Being a Survivor

MFA in “It’s Not Us, It’s You” — Faculty

MFA in Saying In Class That You Would Like to See Yourself In Books as a White Man Says, “Seriously? I Am So Tired of Seeing Myself In Books.”

MFA in White Men Calling Women’s Underwear “Panties” In Workshop

MFA in White Men Writing In the POV of Black Women Who “Rub [Their] Charcoal Brown Foreheads”

MFA in Saying “That’s Problematic”

MFA in Being Told After Workshop: “I Am Glad You Said It, So I Didn’t Have To”

MFA in Heart of Darkness is On the Reading List­­ — Again!

MFA in Questioning If You Are Here as a Checkmark for Diversity or If You Are Actually a Talented Writer

MFA in Looking for Other Brown People In the MFA Like:

MFA in Stopping People of Color In the Hallways of Other Departments, Asking: “Will You Be My Friend?”

MFA in Emails Being Sent Out (Not to You) About Telling Prospective Students of Color That “This is a Place Where They Can Find Mentorship, a Safe and Supportive Space, and Do Their Work”

MFA in Crying In Bathroom Stalls

MFA in Crying Into Pillows

MFA in Crying

MFA in Saying “It’s Okay” So Much You Make It the Title of Your Thesis

MFA in “Have You Read Nabokov?”

MFA in Telling Your White Cohort, Right After the Election, to Put The Oxygen Mask On Their Own Community Before Trying to Help People of Color and Listening to a White Woman Say: “No, That is Dumb.”

MFA in “Why Is Your Thesis So Short When You Have So Much Time to Write?”