“I picked up many valuable tips that will enable our facility to process carcasses into edible yellow lard for human consumption much more efficiently.”
— Geoffrey Pearson, Director of Operations

“It taught me several ways to effectively deal with diseased organs that were much, much better than my previous methods.”
— Nate Clemmons, V.P. of Quality Assurance

“I’d highly recommend your seminars for anyone looking to get more uniform particle size out of their main raw material grinder.”
—Steven Summers, Line Manager

“Invaluable and informative. I especially enjoyed the speaker’s novel approach to de-hoofing.”
— Red Barnes, Shift Supervisor

“Very practical and filled with takeaways! We followed your recommendations for pressurized hydrolysis of hair and feathers and have managed to cut levels of residual solid impurities exiting our centrifuge almost in half!”
— Dieter Klausson, Production Engineer