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Kiss: You have partied on a boat in a driveway.

Queen: You have injured several people by jogging into them.

The Byrds: There is a thin layer of sand on the bottom shelf of your fridge.

Bob Dylan: You have the Swiss army knife that comes with a map reader and tweezers.

Electric Light Orchestra: You have three lava lamp bases and five tops.

Mike Oldfield: You have five lava lamp bases and three tops.

The Beach Boys: You won’t live anywhere without a built-in microwave.

The Band: You have misspelled your name while carving it into a picnic table.

Genesis: You know what a steeplechase is.

The Zombies: You know what French cuffs are.

The Doobie Brothers: You have swallowed exactly two spiders—one accidentally, one on purpose.

Warren Zevon: You have a jacket with elbow patches.

.38 Special: You have a tattoo of an animal driving a vehicle.

Bob Seger: You lost your virginity in a Chevette with a spoiler.

The Georgia Satellites: You lost your virginity in a Chevette that was being towed.

REO Speedwagon: You have a favorite brand of lip balm.

Bay City Rollers: Your shower has flower-shaped traction pads.

Bruce Springsteen: Your ringtone is either “Takin’ Care of Business” or “Chariots of Fire.”

UFO: You have burned yourself while urinating on a campfire.

Slade: You have smoked speed through a TV antenna.

Procol Harum: You have smoked hash through an antique rifle.

Heart: You have smoked chamomile tea through a hookah.

Alice Cooper: You have a photo of your dog wearing sunglasses on your phone.

Foghat: You swim in man-made lakes exclusively.

Stevie Ray Vaughan: You have a bolo tie in the shape of a gun, guitar, or state.

Stealer’s Wheel: You own an adding machine.

Traffic: You have several incense scars.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer: You have several self-inflicted incense scars.

Jackson Browne: Your favorite cola is RC Cola.

Hall and Oates: You have successfully fought someone off with a ski.

Blind Faith: You constantly misuse the word “penultimate.”

Billy Squier: Your vanity plates say ROKRMOM.

Neil Young: You know at least three stores that sell bidis.

America: You think America is Neil Young.

Joni Mitchell: You have accidentally eaten more than half of a scented candle.

Montrose: You have used a bandana as a coffee filter.

Steppenwolf: You have three or more cigarette burns in hard-to-reach places.

Golden Earring: You have three or more intentional cigarillo burns.

Jimmy Buffett: You have used AAA as a cab.

Brownsville Station: You have tried to use AAA without a car.

Meat Loaf: You have a mustard stain on your mousepad.

Joe Walsh: You have fired a gun while in your underwear.

Don Henley: You have been shot at while in your underwear.

Bread: You have a cordless phone with an extendable antenna.

Donovan: You have a non-mammal pet with a human name, e.g. an iguana named Phillip.

Joe Jackson: You are an excellent speller.

Steve Miller Band: You have not yet figured out how to turn off the hourly beep on your digital watch.

Grand Funk Railroad: You have become stuck trying to retrieve a quarter from behind a stove.

Blood, Sweat & Tears: You have become stuck trying to retrieve your friend who likes Grand Funk Railroad from behind a stove.

Little River Band: You have used a riding lawnmower to flee across state lines.

Big Brother and the Holding Company: Your coffee table is a big wooden spool.

Alabama: You are from Alabama.

Kansas: Your first kiss was with a Toto fan.

Toto: You don’t really remember your first kiss.

MC5: You have barbecued a whole chicken at 3 a.m.

Ozzy Osbourne: You have barbecued a frozen pizza at 3 a.m.

Dio: You have accidentally dropped a flashlight into a barbecue.

King Crimson: You have spent an entire afternoon watching a screensaver.

Eric Clapton: You yell when you play table tennis.

Marshall Tucker Band: You wear black socks with white shoes.

Little Feat: You have hit a baby with a frisbee.

Buffalo Springfield: You have broken a reinforced window with a frisbee.

Blackfoot: You have stolen a wine cooler from the back of a pickup truck.

New Riders of the Purple Sage: You have been bitten by a Blackfoot fan while trying to get your wine cooler back.